Day 2: favorite bollywood guy

Shah Rukh Khan + rain/ water


Get To Know MeFavorite Scenes [7/9]: Swades (2004)

"Water! Twenty Paisa a cup!"

Mohan is on his way back to the home village of his childhood nanny after an emotionally gruelling journey, where he had to face poverty of a tenant farmer who cannot pay his rent and has problems providing for his family when the train stops. A small boy sells water and Mohan buys some and drinks it (even though it´s probably not the wisest step to drink this kind of water when you´re not used to it anymore).

The way the emotions move across Shah Rukh Khan’s  face as he drinks it, that whole scene just tears my heart out. It´s so brutally honest and raw.

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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) + Tumblr Text Posts